5 Best Online PDF Editors in 2024

pdf editors 2024

PDF has become the most convenient format for exchanging and working jointly on a document. From students to workers in various segments of society, people incorporate PDF files into their routine work, such as making presentations and legal documents. Students and professionals can also use many online fillable PDF creators for online PDF creation. Also, we need an excellent tool to optimize PDF editing for productivity when dealing with document management tasks. Let us begin by focusing on many of the best online PDF editors’ options and also consider how they help enhance productivity and efficiency.

5 Best Online PDF Editors Online

  1. Gopdf
  2. SmallPDF
  3. Adobe Acrobat Online
  4. PDFescape
  5. Sejda

1. GoPDF


GoPDF Online PDF Editor is one of the top-class PDF editors online. It allows you to perform Tasks such as creating, editing, compressing, managing files, and much more. With powerful AI-based features, it grants users new options for interacting with their PDFs, radically changing how the editing process works.

The principal advantage of GoPDF is its user-friendly design that assists even the least experienced digital users with editing requirements. Whatever you desire—any minor text modification or merging of multiple PDFs—the GoPDF co-working environment assures a smooth hands-on experience.

Key Features:

Ai Chat with PDF: AI powers the PDF conversation, improves interaction, and effortlessly automates the process within GoPDF.

Edit PDF: Modify PDF documents with text, images, shapes, and other elements without any issues.

PDF to Word: Convert PDF files to editable Word documents without stress.

Compress PDF: This method saves space for files without sacrificing the quality needed during transmission, e.g., for online sharing.

Merge PDF: Merge multiple PDFs into just one sensible document for your convenience flow.

Protect PDF: Encrypt, and the confidential information gets the security in moments.

Fill & Sign: Use digital signatures in the document to add an upscale look.

Search and Replace: Instantly overcome trivial text search and replacement tasks inside PDF files.

Crop PDF: Modify the look of the PDF by deleting only the pieces you need.

OCR PDF: Converting text inside images and scanned documents in written form via OCR technology.

AI-driven and one of the comprehensive options, PDF editing, is the best choice for both individuals and businesses who require a guaranteed and dependable solution.

GoPDF Features and Pricing (Yearly)

Gopdf prices

2. SmallPDF

Small pdf

Smallpdf PDF Editor is another famous Best PDF editor Online that has been significantly marked for the usability of its interface and functions. It will handle various document management issues, from PDF conversion to file compression priority (for) easier sharing.

Key Features:

PDF Conversion: PDF files can be converted to commonly used formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Edit PDF: You can edit text, images, and annotations in PDF documents without opening them with an editor.

Merge PDF: Combine the multiple PDFs into a single cohesive document effortlessly.

Split PDF: Split the vast files into smaller chunks that are comfortable to work with.

eSign PDF: Electronic signatures will ensure the security and convenience that were not in use before.

Smallpdf’s unique, straightforward editing approach, combined with a wide set of editing features, makes it a popular choice for people looking for an easy editing process over similar products.

SmallPDF Features and Pricing (Yearly)

small pdf prices

3. Adobe Acrobat Online

adobe acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Online tops the list of transformative tools for PDF editing, offering all sorts of necessary options for individuals and organizations. The software comes with many valuable tools that are also very easy for anyone to use, pleasing the needs of almost everyone in PDF editing and Adobe’s environment integration.

Key Features:

Edit PDF: Conveniently edit words, pictures, and the pdf format.

Convert PDF: Time-saving by converting PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other needed formats.

Merge and Split PDF: Combine several PDF files and print pages from a document.

Secure PDF: Safeguard critical data with password encryption and digitized signatures.

Review and Comment: Collaborate with team members online by adding comments and annotations via PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Online enjoys an unmatched feature set, which, when combined with built-in integration with Adobe, stands heads and shoulders among PDF editing solutions.

Adobe Acrobat Features and Pricing (Individual)

adobe price

4. PDFescape

pdf escape

PDFescape is a highly powered PDF editing tool online that allows real editing with diversified tools. Whether you need to edit text, document annotation, or fill in a form, PDFescape provides all the basic features to work with PDF files quickly and easily.

Key Features:

Edit PDF: Edit the documents by altering the PDF documents’ texts, images, or shapes.

Annotate PDF: Some extra features are also available, like annotating PDF files with comments, highlights, and drawings.

Fill Forms: Save time with PDF forms, which you can quickly fill in and digitally sign documents.

Secure PDF: Encrypt passwords and grant access to documents with permission settings.

PDFescape’s popularity is due to its simplified usability and essential editing features, which make it a good tool for simple PDF tasks.

PDFescape Features and Pricing (Monthly)

pd excape pricing

5. Sejda 


Sejda is a cloud-based editing and converting tool for PDF documents aimed at functioning elementary and advanced document management workflows. Its easy-to-follow interface and advanced features make it ideal for users of any expertise level.

Key Features:

Edit PDF: Change text, images, and shapes within PDFs simply by manipulation.

Merge and Split PDF: Join multiple PDF documents or divide one cumbersome document into several smaller files.

Convert PDF: Convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats.

Secure PDF: Protect confidential information using strong password encryption and permission levels.

OCR PDF: Recognize printed text on scanned documents using OCR.

Sejda’s comprehensive feature package, combined with its simple yet powerful interphase, renders the software a trustworthy pick for anyone needing a multifunctional PDF editing solution.

Sejda Features and Pricing (Weekly and yearly)

How to Choose the Best Free PDF Editor for You

User-Friendly Interface: 

The first requirement for free PDF Online editing should be intuitive. It is user-friendly and convenient, so you can easily edit the text, add annotations, merge, or split items. A simple and structured layout will help you maintain a consistent workflow, get effective results, and increase the overall user experience.

Editing Features: 

A Best PDF editor Tool must be designed with editing capabilities at different levels to fulfill diverse needs. Look for tools that will allow you to change text, images, and other elements in the PDF document. Tools like text formatting, spell-checking, and deleting or adding pages can vastly increase your editing options.

Annotation Tools: 

Annotating tools become a crucial point of disagreement regarding collaboration and document critique. Ensure that the PDF editor you select has annotation tools like highlighting, underlining, and adding comments or notes to help you annotate easily. These tools will let you pin down words and sentences and truly communicate your thoughts.

Conversion Options: 

However, converting PDFs to other formats is also of utmost importance. A multi-functional PDF editor’s conversion to standard file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint becomes useful as you can manage and share documents across other systems effortlessly. Here it goes: It ought to allow importing files from various formats to make an easy transition.

Security Features: 

Details are the highest priority when working with confidential dumps. Please ensure that the free PDF editor you choose is sufficient to provide strong security features like password locking, encryption, and digital signature. You can secure your forms and prevent unauthorized access or tampering with the following characteristics.


Compatibility issues significantly affect devices and operating systems. Compare the PDF editors compatible with your chosen device, such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. The editor must also be a multi-platform support tool that makes OS systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android compatible and accessible.

Customer Support: 

Consider the level of customer service the PDF editor offers. Search for sites that provide all-inclusive user guides, tutorials, and user forums to help you resolve the problems you may encounter while using the software and learning to work with it. Responsive customer support through email or live chat is also necessary if your problem still needs to be solved.

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