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Discover a highly flexible free-cropping PDF online tool. You can use our simple online platform to crop PDFs easily. Try it now! Crop each page of your PDF file for free using our highly effective online PDF Cropping Service.

Get Free Online PDF Cropping for Seamless PDF Management with Integrated Software

Gopdf provides free online tools for PDF cropping that have been designed to be convenient, economical, simple, require no downloading, and provide immediate results of effective document editing. Lastly, our suite of integrated applications enables smooth PDF communication for ease.

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How to Crop PDF Files

The online PDF cropping tools of GOPDF make cropping a precise and easy process. It enables one to select the target area quickly, preview in real-time, and crop with a single click crop.This is a perfect process that is efficient; hence, it saves you time and gives you accurate results.

step 01

Upload Your PDF File

Once these files are uploaded via an encrypted link, their security is guaranteed. Finally, after processing, they are permanently deleted. In this particular stage of the process, individuals can decide on the things to upload and click “Upload” on their personal laptops or drag and drop them onto the page.

step 02

Crop Options

You could use crop options to fine-tune your PDF content by adjusting the margins in particular areas. The feature allows you to choose whether to crop, zoom in, or pick the relevant parts of your PDF. It makes it easier to create a customized document as you can have the option to trim margins, crop certain sections of the file, or edit some aspects of the pdf content according to your requirements.

step 03

Crop PDF pages individually

Create tailored pages of various crop sizes.

step 04

Automatically trim PDF white margin

Press ‘auto-crop’ above the page to allow the system to decide on the best crop size for removing all white margins.

step 05

Specify precise crop margins in inches.

In order to crop precisely above the PDF page, set exact margins for top, bottom, left, and right.

step 06

Execute cropping

Cropping is done by clicking “Crop PDF” for precision cropping, and the system will crop the crop according to your specification exactly.

step 07

Download the cropped PDF

After the process, you can download the cropped PDF file on your device.