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Scan, Recognize, Edit - Our free online OCR PDF to Text tool simplifies text recognition from PDFs and converts it to editable text forms.

Simplify PDF OCR for Better Document Management

Converting PDFs to Texts allows easy sharing and editing. Our OCR on PDF tool swiftly recognizes the text in PDF files, saving time and ensuring efficient workflow.

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How to OCR a PDF?

Quickly transform your PDFs into editable text using our OCR PDF tool. Upload your PDF files; our OCR tool will convert them into readable text format. Browse through content edited on document authenticity. Just edit and share your text, or use it quickly after that.

step 01

Drag & Drop or Click to Upload a PDF File

First, press the assigned button to import your PDF document. An alternative option is to drag the file into the designated space for uploading it.

step 02

Upload File

Then, choose a PDF file you want to edit using the text mode and navigate to the storage device on which you have stored it. Proceed by simply clicking on the “Upload” button.

step 03

Convert to Editable Text

Upon uploading, you must feed the system with the file processed for OCR text extraction. Revise, correct, and adjust preferences for converting to the editable text. To commence OCR conversion, click on “Start”.

step 04


This will mark the beginning of the conversion process and, to become editable, transform the PDF into text. This process lasts until you pick up settings, depending on your choice or the file size.

step 05

Copy & Paste

Once finished, you can easily copy and paste the text. Save it in your selected device for faster sharing, editing, and storage.

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