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GoPDF’s highly efficient PDF to Word converter is available online for free. Through an easily navigating user interface, you can upload and convert PDFs to Word online.

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Converting a PDF into Word makes a document easily shareable and editable. Using a pdf-to-word converter for your document will ensure that you do not modify the formatting. Lastly, this process ensures that people spend less time, hence leading to efficiency, which may be vital at any point.

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How to Convert PDF to Word Files

Try GoPDF Free PDF to Word Converter and be awed as PDFs get converted into Word documents with ease. With our user-friendly platform, it is easy for one to turn quality PDFs into editable Word documents with ease of editing as well as sharing on different platforms. Our tool makes it easy to format and convert the whole document with a PDF to MS Word converter. Get your free PDFs converted to words using this facility by GoPDF.

step 01

Click or drag and drop

To start with, click on “upload” or drag your PDF to the page. This will trigger the process of selecting files.

step 02

Upload File

Once you have chosen your PDF file, click on upload and move it to the cloud for processing.

step 03

Convert PDF

After that, click “convert PDF” to begin the conversion procedure after the file has successfully uploaded. Your assignment will go into a processing phase.

step 04

The document is ready.

A moment later, you will have received a Word document containing your PDF file. After the conversion, you can easily download it.

step 05

Click on "Download."

Lastly, click "Download" to download the converted Word document to your computer for further use and editing.

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