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Easily secure all your PDF files through a friendly interface where you can password-protect PDFs online for increased protection. We provide a fast and convenient way to provide free password protection for your confidential PDF documents.

Enhance PDF security with the upgraded password protection suite.

Top-notch all-inclusive software capable of strong password protection functionality for PDF files. This is designed with the aim of streamlining your PDF experience while also keeping your private information safe. This will give one a sense of security with GoPDF, and the advantage lies in the password-protective feature. The additional security layer guarantees that only authorized persons will be able to access all your classified materials, thus preventing any unlawful and harmful disclosure.

Users trust to manage PDFs on GoPDF platform

  • 80k+

    PDFs added per month

  • 43k%

    PDFs Protected per month

  • 2M

    PDFs edited per month

  • 140k+

    PDFs downloaded per month

How to Protect PDF Files

This makes it possible to upload your PDF document for password protection before setting a very secure password and ultimately hitting ‘protect’ to enforce strong password protection on your PDF file. Protect your PDF using our secure, cost-free PDF protection tool for Mac, Windows, or any other operating system.

step 01

Upload Your Document

Proceed by clicking on or dragging and dropping your document.

step 02

Set a password

Secure your PDF file with a password.

step 03

Protect Your PDF

Apply a password by clicking “Protect PDF”.

step 04

Document Processing

Upon submission, the system initiates the processing of your PDF.

step 05

Download a secure PDF

After processing, you can download an encrypted PDF for extra protection.