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PDF Ai Chat: Where Reading Becomes a Conversation!

Say goodbye to reading documents, and welcome an era of interactive reading with GoPDF, Where your PDF documents come to life and respond to you. Engage with your PDF files life like never before!

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Multilingual Interaction with PDFs

Using our AI translation capabilities, you can easily handle multilingual PDF documents.

AI Powered PDF Analysis

Unlock a set of functionalities to help with in-depth analysis, such as entity detection, sentiment identification, text classification, and answering difficult questions.

Multi-File Management

Upload up to 10 files simultaneously! No more waiting – experience instant chat access to all your documents.

Prompt Assistance

GoPDF's intelligent chat understands your needs and provides prompt and personalized assistance.

User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface guides you effortlessly through every interaction, making navigation easy.

How to Chat with PDF Files

A highly navigable document interaction platform. For instance, a person simply has to click and drop a file into it, and it is uploaded. The process is easy: create a new folder, upload a file, click on it, name it, make a project, and save. You can then begin your chat when your project goes to ‘active’. Here is the real deal: regardless of the kind of document or your specific questions, you need to know about your PDF document to be answered within no time.

step 01

Uploading Your File

First of all, you can press the “upload file” button or simply drag a file onto the platform. This action makes it easy for you because this is the beginning stage of your document interaction journey.

step 02

Creating a Project

In step two, you follow up after the successful upload of your file. You choose one of the upload files with a few clicks and create a new project. For this, you can simply give it a name that would make identification and reference much easier.

step 03

Project Activation

Step three requires waiting until your project becomes active, which means you are ready to interact.

step 04

Initiating the Conversation

Once the project is activated, you can begin the discussion. This is the section where you can ask questions related to your PDF document or even any issue concerning it. It was meant to make the process of dealing with your papers enjoyable on your end.

Frequently Asked questions

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